The companion book to “No 3, Templeton Place

It contains more adventures and escapades of the early members of the Overseas Visitors Club who stormed into Europe in the late 1950s and early 1960s.   Earls Court became their home from home.

Meet the twins Vera and Joyce who regularly gave the landladies of Penywern Road heart papiltations.  Learn what Max had to endure when he escorted possible investors through the new OVC flatlet inhabitated by five lively Australians.  Find out why Robin and Alec, when setting out for the Continent, were held captive by the pull of Earls Court.  Then there was the rambunctious Back-Mac who battled to educate the British about their place in life.  When “The Plague” invaded the OVC learn why it was Dr. Traub who ended up having apoplexy.  Then there was the inaugural flight of the club’s “Trek Airways.” How it ever got off the ground was a mystery.

ISBN 0-620-40121-4 Obtainable from:  Kiaat Creations, 9 Somerton, Bell Close, Valley Drive, Hillcrest  KZN  3610  South Africa

E-Mail: There is no web site…  Price (with postage) R100 (or $15 Australian)…  including postage.

For those of you who know little of The Overseas Visitors Club – the notes, maps and pictures below were used by Hugh in his research for the book.  The captions are from his own notes.  It’s a great read – but a rather amateurish production.

The following pages…

are from a booklet distributed through all travel agencies in Commonwealth countries (the “Dominions!”) – South Africa, Northern & Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe & Zambia), Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  Enjoy the fashions, living conditions and the prices!  In those days £1 = AUD$2.00

There was also a monthly OVC magazine…

Max Wilson was the OVC’s Founder

And Chone Dredzen was his business partner…

Where in London was all this happening? Hopefully this map was redrawn professionally for the book!

Was membership expensive?  About one week’s wages then.

Max had a close relationship with Union Castle Shipping Lines – and used to charter entire ships. These 2 pictures feature a Cape Town Castle departure.

They dressed up in those days!

The OVC pioneered coach travel to Europe and helped put the Austrian village of Westendorf on the map.  This shows Dennis van Genderingen (tour leader for Tan Travel) with a group of OVC members in the Café Alpenland, Westendorf in 1962.

September 1956, brothers Bernard and Hugh de Souza, at Lands End.

The front door of the OVC in 1962.

And again in 2011.


Three press adverts from this period – interesting prices…


Several Pages on the Early History of the OVC…

1.  New Book – ‘Earls Court, the OVC and Me
2.  Lester Jolly’s Pictures
3.  Brian Duffin (dec) – RSA
4.  Nigel Raihman (dec) – Fiji & AUS
5.  Readers’ Letters and Photos


  1. Bob Davis
    October 12, 2010

    To: John Polson,
    Am I on the right page / website ?

    What a great read. I am still working in stockbroking.
    Where does one start ? I went to the UK in January 1962 on the Patris.
    Please advise if I may correspond with you and others on this site and I will then tell you what I have been doing for the past 48 years. I note that you mention a Margaret Ellis from Melbourne and also that she is still in the UK. If she ever returns to Melbourne, I would like to catch up. Alternatively, I may conatct her when I am next in London.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,


  2. JRP
    October 12, 2010

    Welcome Bob
    You’ve got the right site – and it’s totally up to you which page you comment on! I think (I can see the stats!) most monitor the page above this one;
    And – you mention Margare Ellis? Here’s a recent photo…
    and again…
    Enjoy the ride…

  3. Linda Shone
    February 4, 2017

    My friend is visiting London in September and wanting to visit Earls Court the area he lived and worked. He worked at the Brisbane Court Hotel which with other hotels was owned by OVC, would you have an address?

    Many thanks
    Linda Shone

  4. nick
    November 14, 2017

    What a fabulous collection of memories from
    the OVC.
    I joined the club in 1962 and travelled to England on the
    Patris, worked in London, bought a camper from outside the club
    and toured Europe with a girl I met on the ship.
    What a different place London and Europe is today
    Thanks for taking back to those wonderful days
    Cheers, Nick Davies, Adelaide


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