A good test of a relationship…
is one that lasts for 40 years.

It all began in London in the fall/autumn of ’66. Just out of University and having spent half my life between the UK and Canada, I needed to establish my nationality, now that I was a big boy.  Mother was in the UK while Step-father was with the UN in Viet-Nam, so I set off to check on her. I then made plans to see more of the world.

I met the Limey and the Kiwi in The Overseas Visitors Club and we hit it off.  Suggestion arose that I might want to join this unofficial trip around Africa, formerly under the aegis of the Duke of Edinburgh.  However, compatability of the adventurers was key, so it was arranged that I’d meet John, the Kiwi.  (Clever devil this Kiwi – won my parents over by lending them his suite at the OVC to change before they headed off to the Palace for the Queen’s garden party).  Peter, the Aussie, was on his way home, but was persuaded to return to the UK to be part of this ‘unofficial’ trek.

Shopping for this endeavour was an exercise in itself.  David, bless him, conned, er, persuaded some suppliers to the now defunct ‘official’ trip to sponsor us anyway.  Hence the 200 lbs of rice from the Bombay Rice Emporium and our ongoing challenge throughout the trip to find new and exciting (!!) ways to cook the stuff.

We were off to the coast in December, crossed the Channel by ferry, and began the drive south…


There are 4 chapters in this section…

In The Beginning… David
Peter… the Aussie
John… the Kiwi (then)
Keith… the Canadian


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