A Little Background

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The West Coast of Vancouver Island was populated by Aboriginal Peoples of the Nuu-chah-nulth group, long before European explorers and settlers arrived in the 1700’s.  The first inhabitants developed a rich culture and heritage based on the dynamic environments of the sea, rainforest and inter-tidal zone.  Large villages, sophisticated art and culture and expert seafaring capabilities are hallmarks of Pacific Coast First Peoples.  Captain James Cook arrived on the West Coast in 1778 and years of exploitation through trade in sea otter and other pelts ensued.  Missionaries and settlers followed and with increased Trans-Pacific and coastal sea trade the infamous weather and tidal conditions of the West Coast took their toll in a series of calamitous shipwrecks.  The area soon became known as the “Graveyard of the Pacific”.  Any stranded survivors soon perished if they made it to the rugged shoreline prompting the government to construct a rough trail and telegraph line to assist shipwrecked survivors.  The route became the West Coast Trail and was included in the newly established Pacific Rim National Park in the late 1960’s.

And then came Keith…



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