In 1967 we went our separate ways…

The following pages track our individual lives between 1967 and 1993 – when we started re-establishing contact with each other.  They might take some time to complete!

A political rival once described me as…

“A very ordinary person, trying desperately to be something he isn’t”…
I’ll go with that!


More from John’s Story…

From To.. Page Name
 1967 1970  Into, and Out of, Africa
 1971 1980  A Quieter Life
1980  Offshore Racing
 1981 1990  The IVF Years
1987  It takes Three to Tango
1990  Cassy’s Story
 1991 2000  Going it Alone
 1991 2005  Tourism Marketing
1998  A House Somewhere
 2001 2010  A Change of Pace
2001  Fishing Trips
2005  More Fishing Trips
 2011 2020  Three Score Years and Ten?


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