You Lookin’ At Me?…

Posted by on Sep 6, 2014 in Family Stuff, Photography, The Old Blue Truck, Travel
You Lookin’ At Me?…

Didn’t have to travel far for these little critters – Keith’s backyard – and the trees in his street… I think the neighbours wondered why this stranger was wandering the streets at dusk – carrying a big camera with a long lens. I took hundreds of squirrel pics – but they’re quick little buggers – and they seldom sit still long enough for the auto-focus to do its work. And they’re cute too.

There are manual over-rides on the slideshow. Click on the buttons below the photos, or the arrows to the right and left…

  • Ottawa_Squirells_4441
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4444
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4446
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4448
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4452
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4527
  • Ottawa_Squirells_4543

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