Canadian War Museum…

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Canadian War Museum…

Canadian War Museum – quite a day…  Some real discoveries… ‘In Flanders Fields‘ was written by an Australian? Right? Wrong! John McCrae was Canadian… Gallipoli was an Australia & New Zealand campaign – Right? Wrong! Canada was there too – AND they share our disdain for the ‘quality’ of the British High Command at the time.  Apologies for the ‘camera shake’ in these photos – flash was forbidden – Keith was suffering from recent surgery and needed his cane.  Could it just be age and shaking hands?

There are manual over-rides on the slideshow. Click on the buttons below the photos, or the arrows to the right and left…

  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4581
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4584
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4585x
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4586
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4590
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4593
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4596
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4597
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4599
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4600
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4602
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4604
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4605
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4608
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4609
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4611
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4613
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4614
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4617
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4620
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4622
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4623
  • Ottawa_WarMuseum_4624

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