O Canada…

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O Canada…

I had been looking forward to this trip since Keith and I re-united in Tokyo in 1993…  He had been to Australia two or three times since ’93 – and we have had several major trips with David in France but… an admission – after a lifetime in the tourism industry – this was my first visit to Canada!

I was sent to Gate B17 – and, would you believe, wound up in Philadelphia! A very underwhelming flight from Denver to Philadelphia and on to Ottawa. US Airways’ fleet upgrade is apparently well overdue and the little Canadair Regional Jet was shabby. I was a pilot in a previous life – and I can read rattles!  I needn’t have worried – we managed to land in Ottawa in one piece – if you don’t count the toilet door that fell off all but one of its hinges…  Needed a drink – and had no difficulty convincing Keith…  Airport transfers in the MG – British racing green of course – fantastic!

There are manual over-rides on the slideshow. Click on the buttons below the photos, or the arrows to the right and left…

  • Ottawa_3750x
  • Ottawa_3751x
  • Ottawa_3752x
  • Ottawa_3753x
  • Ottawa_3754x
  • Ottawa_3755
  • Ottawa_3765b
  • Ottawa_3768b
  • Ottawa_3770b
  • Ottawa_3775b
  • Ottawa_3776x
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  • Ottawa_3778x
  • Ottawa_3779x
  • Ottawa_3780x
  • Ottawa_3781x
  • Ottawa_3782x
  • Ottawa_3784x
  • Ottawa_3785x
  • Ottawa_3785z

The next day – a day trip in the MG – along the Rideau River to the historic village of Merrickville and the following day we spent the afternoon at the Museum of History.  The sculptures in the photographs are by Haida artist Bill Reid… and if his art got to you like it did me – here’s a little more

  • Ottawa_3786b
  • Ottawa_3787
  • Ottawa_3788b
  • Ottawa_3791b
  • Ottawa_3794b
  • Ottawa_3795b
  • Ottawa_3799b
  • Ottawa_3801b
  • Ottawa_3805
  • Ottawa_3821b
  • Ottawa_3835
  • Ottawa_3900x
  • Ottawa_3901x
  • Ottawa_3902x
  • Ottawa_3903x
  • Ottawa_3904x
  • Ottawa_3905x
  • Ottawa_3906x
  • Ottawa_4461b

Tomorrow evening is MosAika. Day after tomorrow – we’re going to Gananoque – that’s pronounced Gananoque – but you knew that!


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