MosAika – Lights and Sounds of Ottawa…

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MosAika – Lights and Sounds of Ottawa…

MosAika is the story of Canada.  There’s a video link HERE – ignore the first 15 seconds of amateur graphics – it’s actually quite well done.  The narrative is set against the spectacular backdrop of Parliament Hill, and takes one on a journey of sound and light, exploring Canada’s historical and cultural landscapes.  This was one night I really missed my tripod – had to use Keith’s cane to steady my hand and compensate for the extra long exposures…

There are manual over-rides on the slideshow. Click on the buttons below the photos, or the arrows to the right and left…

  • 00_Ottawa_Mosaika_3866
  • 01_Ottawa_Mosaika_3850xx
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3856x
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3857
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3859
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3862
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3863
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3864
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3867
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3868
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3870x
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3885
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3888
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3894
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3920
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3951
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3953
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3954
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3955
  • Ottawa_Mosaika_3957

And it was here – two weeks later – that Parliament Hill became the backdrop for another piece of future history.  RIP Cpl Nathan Cirillo.

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