Boulder, Colorado…

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Boulder, Colorado…

The US was never on my list of preferred destinations – until my son went to live there… Every year, in the Northern Hemisphere Spring and Summer, many of the world’s top Ironman triathletes move their training bases to Boulder, Colorado. It’s a fascinating and beautiful place – The city of Boulder is in Boulder Valley where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. West of the city are slabs of sedimentary stone tilted up on the foothills, known as the Flatirons. The Flatirons are a widely recognized symbol of Boulder.

When I arrived he was just a month away from the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada so I had to fit in to an already tight training schedule. Spending a week at altitudes between 6,ooo and 10,000 feet can be a bit of a wrench – even if you’re not a world class athlete… and some of you may have noticed – I’m not.

There are manual over-rides on the slideshow. Click on the buttons below the photos, or the arrows to the right and left…

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The highlight (for me) came on day three.  One hundred and forty miles through the Rockies and lakes… him on his bike and me on the pace scooter. The route was divided into 4 sets – each with 45 minutes maximum effort and then a recovery period. One knows the work that these guys (and girls) put into their sport – but it’s not often you get to see it up close. A rare treat.

  • Boulder_3493w
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Then a day in the ski resort of Vail (while he did some swimming and running) and the following day we drove up through the mountains to Lake Brainard – where a family of Moose came down to drink – and the chipmunks entertained us…

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The plan was to spend the next 3 weeks with Keith in Ottawa – and then we would all meet up (during the last week) for the World Championships in Mont Tremblant… I’ll be back soon from Ottawa.

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