Just Another Stamp in the Passport… Not!

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Just Another Stamp in the Passport… Not!

It was all Keith’s idea. But I don’t think it became a real passion until Kristian suggested that “It’s a long way to go Dad, just to get another stamp in your passport.” Andorra had never been on my bucket list either, but I saw it as a nice little trade off… I wanted to visit the Airbus headquarters in Toulouse (I had read something in a brochure about their visitor center) – and, also, it was the last day of the…  Fête du Cassoulet in Castelnaudary – and we could stop for lunch on the way (or on the way back, or both!). So we set off early. From the F on the map below (just above and right of Carcassonne) we head (top left) to Toulouse. We stop for a toilet break in Castelnaudary, but my suggestions of an early lunch are brushed aside by Keith – saying that we still have some driving to get to the airport beyond Toulouse. So, we drive, and drive, and drive – and then we find some directions…

  • Follow Blagnac Aéroport
  • Take exit N°4 Secteur Aéroportuaire Nord
  • Follow the D902 Beauzelle – Seilh
  • Take exit N°902.3 ZAC Aéroconstellation
  • 1st junction: left
  • 2nd junction: left (follow signs for “Let’s visit Airbus”)
  • 1st road left
  • Finally… We find it – and it’s closed! Merde! Who closes a major tourist attraction on a Sunday? Quelle crap. Keith was quite impressed too…

So we headed South again – towards Castelnaudary again and, perhaps, my long awaited Cassoulet lunch. I started to have my doubts, however, when Keith asked me, “If we follow the E9 turnoff – could we reach Andorra by sunset?”  Errr… “Yes – if we give Castelnaudary and the Cassoulet a miss.” I’m starting to detect a dietary conspiracy here, between my darling daughter and her favorite Canadian Uncle! But after the Airbus fiasco, I wasn’t going to argue – and we took the E9 turn…

South through Pamier and into the Pyrenees at Foix. Glorious views and ‘interesting’ road turns, which I enjoyed – because Keith was driving! Up through Ax-les-Thermes (see the Tour de France link below) and the into the Principality of Andorra. Absolutely glorious – I’m glad I thought of it.

PS: One last thing – Kristian – there’s a photo below for you…


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