Staying Afloat Down Under

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Staying Afloat Down Under

By NICK EARLS The New York Times
Published: January 9, 2011

THERE was cricket in Sydney last week. The crowd wore pink fluorescent wigs and hats cut from watermelons. Shirts were optional. Australians are fun-loving when there is fun to be had. It’s part of our national character. So is our disregard for authority, which we celebrate, while at the same time being one of the most law-abiding nations on earth.  That’s what the rest of the world sees, and it’s all true. But we want to see something more in ourselves, a hard working stoicism – and right now it’s the northeast state of Queensland, where once-in-a-century flooding has devastated countless communities, that shows… read full article – then return here!

That was 2 days ago… and things have turned a little nasty since then

The next few days will be frantic – so I’ll use links

Weather Radar: 128 km radius from BNE – Rainfall last 5 days.
Queensland Government – Brisbane area – Traffic Cameras.
Brisbane Courier Mail – Breaking News.
Brisbane Courier Mail -Photos 10/01/11 Toowoomba & Lockyer Valley.
Brisbane Courier Mail -Photos 11/01/11 Flash Floods Hit Brisbane.
ABC News – Raging floods bear down on Brisbane – Death toll is now 8

UPDATE  11/01/11  14:00  – Death toll is now 9

Pine Rivers Bridge in Strathpine about to go under.
New Farm is now being evacuated.
Residents in Dayboro being told to evacuate to higher ground.
Expecting 3m of water in the CBD – Wivenhoe Dam gates have been opened.
Brisbane airport expected to be closed / flooded within the next two hours.
All Caboolture residents have been told they should evacuate.
Logan River expected to breach its banks at 4pm.


75% of Ipswich forecast to go under water – Julie’s Ipswich photos
Her Ipswich home and surroundings
If you use Twitter’s TweetDeck – follow hash tags; #qldfloods and #thebigwet

UPDATE  11/01/11  20:00 – Death toll 10 – 78 missing

75% of Queensland now declared a National Disaster Area
Brisbane evacuated 30 suburbs – 1,500 people – many more to go
This event now likely to be more serious than the 1974 Brisbane floods
Tonight Brisbane River will top at +2.0 metres
Around 6,500 properties will sustain significant damage
Tomorrow the Brisbane River will top at +4.5 metres
Thursday the Brisbane River will top at +5.5 metres – 1974 top was 5.2 metres

Flood Towns warned about crocs and snakes
Pastor says Kevin Rudd to blame for floods – was there any doubt?
Frog hitches ride with snake to flee floods
Brisbane flood information and inundation maps – 24-7 Flood Info Centre

UPDATE  11/01/11  23:30 – Death toll 12 – 76 missing

Reports power will be cut to 100,000 CBD properties at 07:00 tomorrow
Bremmer River in Ipswich – now expected to top at 21.5 metres tomorrow
International Press seems to have no concept of flood size…
Queensland is not a small town in Australia – It is a State
5 times the size of UK, 2 x Texas, same area as France+Germany combined

Latest Maps of Brisbane with overlays of floods – shows also 1974 & 1893!
An animation of Brisbane River in flood 2011
Courier Mail – Breaking News

UPDATE   12/01/11  17:00 – Death toll 13 – 43 missing

Brisbane River will peak at 03:00 tomorrow at 5.54 metres
This level expected to remain for 12 – 18 hours
30,000 properties expected to be flooded
130,000 properties currently without power
Petrol Stations running out of petrol – Supermarkets running out of food
Ipswich Brenner River peaked at +19 metres – 1 metre BELOW expected level

Three charged over looting

UPDATE  12/01/11  23:45  – Death toll 13 – 43 missing

BOM senior hydrologist now thinks peak of flood will be 5.2 metres
This is BELOW 1974 levels – and may even be as low as 5.0 metres
We interupt this flood to bring you… more cricket?

Courier Mail – photo gallery and breaking news
Tug boats saved Gateway Bridge from collision with runaway debris
Floating in the Floods – video
Telstra (telecoms) pit west of Mackay – 5 red bellied black snakes (very nasty!)

UPDATE  13/01/11  09:00  – Death toll 15 – 61 missing

Brisbane River peaked at 04:00 at +4.46 metres – 1 metre less than feared
Next tidal peak at 16:00 today
13 districts declared disaster areas – 15,000 homes flooded – 12,000 destroyed
Anticipated that it will take 2 years to rebuild Brisbane

Queensland now on Cyclone Watch!
Kayaking the Brisbane Floods in Wesxt End
Which Airlines will waive fees for Brisbane flight changes?
You’ve seen the weather – now buy the shirt
Heartbreak in Murphy’s Creek
No bodies found in bridge search at flooded Grantham, Lockyer Vallley

UPDATE  14/01/11  12:00  – Death toll 16 – 51 missing

Police have grave feers for 12
Current Brisbane CBD level is 2.65 metres – and falling
The Big Cleanup begins!
Goondiwindi cut off as floodwaters continue to rise – peak at 18:00 today
Floods in Victoria and Tasmania reaching crisis levels

Before and After the water rose
Bull sharks spotted swimming down main street of Goodna
Flood victim found 80 kms away

UPDATE  15/01/11  09:00  Death toll 16 – 26 still missing

Police have grave fears for all of them

Clean up continues – thousands of volunteers mobilised

High-resolution aerial photos taken over Brisbane last week have revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses. The aerial photos of the Brisbane floods were taken in flyovers on January 13 and January 14.  Hover over each photo to view the devastation caused by flooding – use your cursor to drag the vertical line across the photograph.

FINAL UPDATE  26/01/11  16:00

Death toll 22 (will rise) and 9 still missing
Authorities warn that some may never be found – most names released


I’m writing this just 17 metres from the Nerang River!
Gold Coast Weather
So far – so good… Seems the Nerang – Hinze Dam catchment area has dodged the bullet…
This time!

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