Dammit Chaps – it just isn’t Cricket!

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Dammit Chaps – it just isn’t Cricket!

True, it’s only once every 24 years – so we SHOULD be able to shrug it off – allow them their few moments of sunshine in their dreary lives. The following email would be hilarious – if it wasn’t slightly true… and you can bet that it’s only the first of many.  So – we’ll play along – and see if we can find a few equally embarrasing pictures – just to boost their egos…  (pix Telegraph & AP)


What do you call a world-class Australian cricketer? Retired.

Or, an Aussie with a bottle of Champagne? A waiter.

What do you call an Australian who can hold a catch? A fisherman.

Why can no-one drink wine in Australia at the moment? They haven’t got any openers

What’s the difference between Cinderella & the Aussies? Cinders knew when to leave the ball.

What is the Australian version of LBW? Lost, Beaten and Walloped.

Which Australian spent most time on the crease? The person who ironed the cricket whites.

Not all is lost, Australia still has world class spinners… There’s the redback, the funnel web… and there’s… ok, so he’s not a spinner.

Final word goes to our mate Richard – Australia’s Cultural Attache to The Kingdom of Kent…
Where do the English cricket team stay when they tour South Africa? With Mum and Dad


  1. Richard
    January 10, 2011

    ….and, I bet if cricket was played at the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games we’d beat them every time!

  2. Barry
    January 10, 2011

    A bloke walks into a brothel and says: “I’m a bit kinky, how much for total humiliation?”
    The madam replies $60.
    “Wow, what do I get for that,” he says.
    She says: “A baggy green cap and an Australia shirt.”


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