Meanwhile, Back Home in Ickham…

Posted by on Aug 29, 2008 in Family Stuff, Random Stuff, The Old Blue Truck
Meanwhile, Back Home in Ickham…

We’ve walked past it so often – on the way back to the Coach House from The Prince William.  Even climbed the back fence to take a short-cut over the fields. Often wondered what it was like inside…  OK – so it’s called the DUKE William…  Jeez – I hate it when he’s right!

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  1. David Hodges
    September 1, 2008

    Being pedantic, John obviously has always been the ‘worse for wear’ on his return from the pub. He is correct in that it is the aristocracy, but it is the Duke William, not Prince!

    FYI. I think, repeat think, that Duke William was the brother of King Harold.


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