Slaap wel ou vriend…

Posted by on Mar 15, 2008 in Overseas Visitors Club, Travel
Slaap wel ou vriend…

Just heard the news from Johannesburg.  Brian lost his battle with cancer last Wednesday…  Our thoughts are with Krisa, George, Jason, Simone, Jenny and the little ones.  He was a very good friend and, as always, he left owing me a bottle of whisky!

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  1. the old blue truck
    March 27, 2008

    Brian Duffin is my brother. Thank you for the beautiful tribute to him. I was with Krisa, Simone and Jason when he died and was totally overwhelmed with the amount of love present at the time of his passing. I felt the prescence of our mother who had died 10 years previously. This experience has left me totally convinced of a continuance of the soul.
    I too stayed at the overseas visitor’s club in 1968, shortly before Brian returned to South Africa. Thank you for keeping the memory of Brian alive.

    Jenny Wood nee Duffin


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