The REALLY hard bit – Kaydee and Peter arrived…

Posted by on Aug 2, 2006 in The Old Blue Truck, Travel
The REALLY hard bit – Kaydee and Peter arrived…

…to join the same cycling tour that he had just been forced to cancel.  He played the perfect host, met them at their hotel, took them to dinner at the George V (no less!) and then took them on a walking tour of what was rapidly becoming ‘his’ Paris.   The shop window above says it all… ‘The Yellow Obsession’ – and the display behind the race bike is Le Tour’s Maillot Jaune, Maillot Vert and the Maillot a Pois. There’s always next year… But I felt for him at that moment.



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  1. David Hodges
    October 15, 2006

    Can anyone explain why JB is peeing up against a shop window? Bloody Ozzies, still not house trained!


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