And there were the 4 Wise Monkeys…

Posted by on Jul 28, 2006 in The Old Blue Truck, Travel
And there were the 4 Wise Monkeys…

Yes FOUR!  It seems that once upon a time (about 40 years ago) a young Australian photographer sent a beautiful young French girl the traditional three wise monkeys – beautifully carved from ivory.

There was, apparently, some special significance to the fourth one which arrived separately – and she’s spent a significant part of the last 40 years pondering it… with no luck.

If we were in regular contact with that Australian photographer, we could solve the mystery in a flash.  But we’re not – so we can’t.

Then… the Aussie photographer arrived!  A sudden flash of deja-vu.  I last saw this poster on a studio wall in Hong Kong in 1975!  31 years later, and here it was again – in Paris!

Yes – that’s him…  Another wonderful evening at Florence’s, and the Pastis flowed… More photos here.

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