No wonder I’m the bloody captain!

Posted by on Nov 5, 2005 in The Old Blue Truck, Travel
No wonder I’m the bloody captain!

Go to Locaboat site, click on left side tab that says “Penichettes-our boats” then Penichettes, then click on Flying Bridge, then scroll down and choose P1180FB then click on ‘virtual tour’.  (Or just Click Here…) No wonder I’m the bloody captain!

Did you manage to look at the many photos of the area we’re going to, that I sent the other day? Just in case, since you colonial whizz kids seem to be stuffing up your emails, I’ll re-send it after this one.

K. Re your pertinent question of where we might go. Claire suggested, I’m looking at the map on page 21, (I assume you now have the brochure?) that we go toward St.Leger then Buzet and Vianne, possibly as far as Nerac. Then back. Don’t forget we’re going at a snail’s pace, about 4 miles per hour I think!

Hope this helps.  DH

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