The Overseas Visitors Club – London in the 60s.

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The Overseas Visitors Club – London in the 60s.

Just prior to sitting down and writing the OVC page – I did a Google search to see what had been written by others… Nothing!  A few sites devoted to relatively new businesses using the name – and some making passing reference to the ‘Real Thing’ – but very little on this famous (infamous?) London travel icon.   This was the organisation that played a part in the emergence of such travel brands as Trafalgar Tours, Contiki Tours and Insight Tours – and launched the careers of thousands of young travellers to London and beyond – I was one of them…

I’ll get started on that page – in the hope that other OVC ‘alumni’ will get to read it – and make contact.  Perhaps with their added input we can turn that page into something more elaborate – and a fitting tribute to the entity that played a huge part in all our younger lives.




  1. Ric Dunford
    June 23, 2013

    I first arrived at the OVC in December 1962, from memory it had been started by Max Wilson, the manager could have been Lester Jolly. They had a band playing downstairs a piano drums and bass. In later years they turned to bands such as The Diamonds – Mike Shannon was the singer but they had to change their name due to the American band of the same name, Lyn Rodgers and the Maori Hifis and Crown Prince …. The Jamaican Vagabonds, a great reggae band were some of them, all good musicians. The Grotto bar was extremely popular and on a Sunday the bottle shop sold cartons very quickly prior to closing at about 2.00pm. In summer you would get a slab of what ever beer they had in stock – Castle Lion Fosters and if the weather was good head off to Hyde park and have some fun. Your mail could be picked up from reception as well. Some of the people I recall meeting and drinking with there were Barry Crocker, Don Spencer and George Lazenby. It was a great meeting place for all sorts of people from South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia and New Zealand to name a few. Today’s young travelers don’t know what they are missing as it was a truly fabulous time to see the world.

  2. Gayle Potter (Perth WA)
    April 23, 2015

    I arrived in Earl’s Court aka “Kangaroo Valley” in 1961 after having spent more than four adventurous years in Israel, hitchhiking through Europe to London via Rhodes, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Monaco (saw Grace Kelly), and France (slept on the Beach at Cannes). Met up with my Dad freshly arrived from Melbourne and we had a wonderful four months together. I remained in the UK for seven years, became a Registered Nurse, married in Portsmouth, and returned to Melbourne in 1968 after eleven years abroad. Fabulous years.


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