“If you can remember London in the 60s, You weren’t there!”

Posted by on Oct 20, 2005 in The Old Blue Truck, Travel
“If you can remember London in the 60s, You weren’t there!”

So they say! We WERE there – we DO remember – some of it…  And – we are going to pull it all back together on these pages.

Four young men from four different countries – met in The Overseas Visitors Club in Earls Court.  We had been brought together to be part of a Government supported COMEX expedition to circumnavigate the African continent.  Just 6 weeks before departure, the Wilson Government withdrew funding and the expedition was cancelled. So we decided to go anyway!

We bought a 1957 Morris J2 Truck – it was already Old – and Blue… and set off to cross the Sahara Desert. Many have done it since, few had done it then, but we made it – and months later The Old Blue Truck returned to London – and a sales yard somewhere.  The four young men went their separate ways.   There was no contact until 1993, when a couple of astonishing coincidences brought us back together.

Since then, old friendships have developed into something more meaningful – we are in almost daily contact and visit each other regularly.  In 2006 we returned to Le Mans in France and a 40th Anniversary trip along the Canal du Midi.  And we are currently planning a third trip for 2011…

BLOG Postings here are where we keep up to date between our families – the Story starts in detail on the ‘About Us’ page… Welcome aboard!

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