London 1966 : Four friends met at The OVC...

They bought an Old Blue Truck and crossed the Sahara. 50 years on, they're still travelling together.

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17 Aug 2015

Bristol Owners Club Concours d’Elegance…

From David… Just got our first prize yesterday at the Bristol Owners Club Concours d’Elegance, in our class. Very pleased with myself! Bristol Cars want to do some sort of photo shoot with the car. JP – that’d be good David ;-)

10 Jul 2015

A Stroll Through Ickham, in the Kingdom of Kent…

David sent these pictures quite a few months ago – they somehow fell through the system and got tangled up in the recent computer meltdown… but they survived! ┬áThose of you who follow this story will know that Kent has been the ‘home’ of the Old Blue Truck for the last 50 years – and […]

18 Jun 2015

What Have They Done to Our Cafe??

Those of you who follow our story would know that we have an historical fondness (after the Kingdom of Kent) to the City of Le Mans in France. Strange really – we never planned on going there – but on Day 1 (or night 1 more accurately) of our first trip to the North African […]

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